Limited Editions & Favorite Artist Pieces

GOODYER Fine Art is a luxury style Fine Art Photography by Master Photographer Pamela Goodyer

What does Limited Edition mean?
Limited Edition means that there will be a certain number of prints produced from each photograph.  Once the number has been reached, there will not be any more production of that particular piece under any circumstance.  This is why limited editions will become much more valuable over time. As Pamela Goodyer grows in fame, the art will continue to increase in price.  Each piece will sell between 100 and 500 pieces.

Favorite Artist Editions
Only 50 pieces will be produced, numbered and signed by Pamela Goodyer.  Pamela Goodyer cherishes the experience that happened during the creation of the piece and is extremely proud of the created art. This Limited edition “Favorite Artist” series is highly sought after by collectors. Because Pamela Goodyer picks certain pieces that she treasures, the value of the art is higher.  As the demand for art goes up, the price also increases. These pieces are considered the best investments.

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