Pamela Goodyer is a virtuoso in the field of photography, possessing an unrivaled eye for composition and a talent honed through natural ability and decades of dedicated practice. Her work has earned her international awards and recognition from the filmmaking industry, earning her the moniker of “Photographer Extraordinaire.”
The brilliance of Goodyer’s artistry is evidenced by having over 500 press releases across the globe and being featured in various magazines. Her masterfully crafted portfolio contains an enchanting mixture of full-color photos, vivid storytelling, and creativity that bring each one of her works to life. She captures moments with clever angles and vibrant colors, revealing her true genius.
Her photography books are a dazzling collection of full-color photographs, creative storytelling and mystical imagery. Her works exude vibrancy, displaying spectacular angles and bold colors that make her true genius shine through.
Pamela received an incredible offer to become the Director of Photography for an upcoming Motion Picture, Television Series and Documentary. The pioneering producer from Australia was immediately taken by Pamela’s captivating work, knowing instinctively that her unique brilliance and captivating eye could be harnessed to create a stunning body of cinematic art to bring the story to life.
Her unique gift of seeing in perfect composition allows her to perceive with remarkable clarity and discernment. She teaches her students how to awaken their inner power and maintains a sacred connection to Mother Gaia, channeling creativity from other realms through art. She brings peace and serenity to the soul with vibrant colors and meditative practice. She is a master at manifesting her deepest desires and is remarkably intuitive, conversing with the divine spirits that inhabit the earth. You might like one of her ghost tours packed with thrilling energy and captivating discoveries.
Goodyer’s talent is undeniable; she continues to earn praise, critical acclaim, and awards for her photography, making it no surprise that estimates indicate the price of her artwork will double in the years to come. She has already garnered a large fanbase from her many projects and publications, and she is currently working on a new book that promises to be equally as stunning.
There is no doubt about it – Pamela Goodyer sits among the greatest artists of our time.

Art Collectors are Investing in Fine Art – Steadily Gaining Value

Limited Edition collections will soon be worth much more than what is on the horizon for Pamela Goodyer. You can also join her on a Private Jet Photography Tour as she travels her clientele worldwide, teaching them how to see in perfect composition and create photographic genius as she does.

Canvas Gallery Wraps Fine Art – by international award-winning photographer Pamela Goodyer.  The art you are purchasing is an investment and represents the artist’s experience and expressions. Prices periodically increase over the years and will continue to do so in the future, which means the value of your investment will also go up.  We reserve the right to increase prices at any time.  Our prices will be increasing on November 16th, 2020.

Certificate of AuthenticityEach piece of art will be sent with a signed Certificate of Authenticity that guarantees this is an original Pamela Goodyer fine art piece.

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